Let’s go Ravens let’s go!

The world at my feet, Bim in my heart

This post is about a new activity I’ve picked up since coming to Valencia. No, it’s not a Spanish activity unfortunately and I’ll be honest I never ever thought I would be caught dead doing it. What is it exactly? Why it’s the lovely sport we all know as cheer leading (insert smiley cheer face here!)

To understand how I managed to pick up this activity I must bring you back to the date of June 28, 2012 when I first met the one and only Saby. You can probably tell from my previous posts (that is if you’ve even read them) that Saby and I are quite close. Well, if you had told me we would be such good friends that first week I met her, I would have told you that you were mental. Why? Well, quite simply, one of the first things Saby told me about herself…

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