Looking for a win-win situation?

 What do you think when you hear the word negotiation?

The first thought that pops into my mind is salary. Although, there are a variety of things you may find yourself negotiating during your working life.

You are either going to be a natural at negotiation or you are going to completely fearful by the approach and simply attempt to avoid it. Avoiding normally occurs when you start your first ‘real job’ as you are most likely to be grateful you have a job, and just take whatever you get without thinking twice.

Negotiation is vital and practice makes perfect! Opportunities can arise on a regular basis, so practice the following techniques. Negotiation can strike up during a daily task or maybe a more serious situation, such as your place of work. Your manager may even approach you discussing a transfer to another project, department or location!

It can be difficult to know how to deal with the situation, as it is regarding your job and of course your income. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do not just rush into things, you listen to the options, as it is YOU that will have to work under those negotiation conditions.

If you listen to everything you hear, not just the words, but what’s going on around them, you get a much richer picture.

By Simon Armson – Chief Executive, Samaritans.

Now let’s get to the breakdown of what not to do and how to get that win-win situation you’ve been looking for…

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Do not become a ‘critical parent’ and start with the ‘I want this, I want that.’
It is important you control your emotions and tone your interpersonal communication.

The skills you will need: Active listening, assertiveness, a strong presentation of your case and the use of skilful questioning. You need to hold your professional stance at all times, making sure you are always consistent. Remember you are the one attempting to get others on your side!

Ellis (2009) states in order to successfully complete a Win-Win negotiation, both of candidates should gain. However, remember you may not gain all you want, the heart of the process is about compromise and bargaining.

Now here are the three must-dos during negotiation…

  • Find the appropriate tone.
  • Build trust.
  • Express yourself..

Remember: Don’t be scared to ask for what suits you, it’s all about compromising!

That’s negotiating! I’ll leave you with the amusing ‘Edge of Reason’ image and a question…

Have you ever had to negotiate a difficult situation, how did you approach it and what was the outcome?



  1. skillsofpersuasion · April 1, 2013

    I really like how this blog post is a bit of humor and a lot of advice on what negotiation entails. It is pretty much a guide for people that will need to negotiate at any point in near future. And that is pretty much everyone.
    When it comes to work, I have had to negotiate working hours for my work placements last summer. Due to my time limitations, I had to speak to both managers about what my options were, since I had to have two work placements in a month’s time. It wasn’t an easy task to arrange the timing just right, but if I hadn’t negotiated, then it would have been an impossible task. I am actually guilty of being hesitant about negotiating, because i have a lot of respect for authority and on some level I associate negotiation with manipulation or god forbid – demanding attitude. So for me to be “manipulative” although that’s not the reality of things, seemed outrageous to me. Thankfully, I have now learned that, as you point out, negotiation is vital. But I am still very far from being a natural at it.
    Either way, rather thought provoking blog post!

    • thisisfuerza · April 1, 2013

      Thank you for your comment!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the add of humour, I think it is important when blogging to not try and be so ‘proper’ and ‘serious’ especially, when talking about these sorts of topics, as it will only end up worrying people even more!

      I completely agree with your comment, I would say I am the same. I am noway a ‘natural’ at negotiation, however, I have been able to learn a thing or two through work experience and dealing with daily tasks. It is essential to take the initial leap and try it out and not to be too fearful that people will judge you for your suggestions, even though it may seem quite scary negotiating and persuading a superior. I would say It definitely depends on an individual’s personality and how confident they are. You stated you had to negotiate your work hours last summer, how did you feel after you accomplished it?

      • skillsofpersuasion · April 1, 2013

        To be honest, after having the discussions themselves, I basically wondered what the big deal was. Why had I been so worried beforehand like it was something so very scary when it turned out to just be a normal conversation. Really makes you wonder about the things in life that by overanalyzing, they just drain you from time, energy or confidence and then you realize everything is okay and would have been without all the worrying.

      • thisisfuerza · April 4, 2013

        I completely agree. I think we are all guilty of over analysing situations and getting anxious about the possible outcomes. However, most of the time I personally normally realise it was not as near as bad as I thought It would be. I always get a sense of relief and these are definitely experiences that have helped me to become a confident individual. Thanks for the comments and good luck in your future negotiations!

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