Hello again…

We are already coming to the end of February and my blogging for 2013 resolution just didn’t happen.

2013 New Year resolution – Blogging

Being in my final year at uni, and the amount of work being thrown at me has definitely started to kick in. I’ve been feeling nervous and anxious about it all, especially as my uni experience will be over in May! 😥 Where did the past 2 and half years go?! I will soon be entering the big wide world…which is pretty scary to even think about!

As I’ve said before I study Public Relations and Communication, as part of my course I am required to blog, so last term you may have read the Ethical Angles blog that I worked on with two friends, it was all about current ethical issues. This term I will be blogging again, but this time about conflict and negotiation issues. So I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone and post them on this blog.

I want to make them as relevant as possible, using my personal experience and giving advice. Get involved with the discussions, as your opinion matters!

Keep a look out for my post coming soon…

Does bullying still even exist when you’re an adult?


The start of a new chapter

I used to blog about beauty and fashion. Now, my life has changed so much and i feel like i need to express the positives and negatives in my life. I am 21 years old and i have had many ups and downs and at this point i wouldn’t change them, even though i would have loved to in the past. My experiences make me who i am today.

I feel like this past month i have realised that focusing on the positive and opportunities ahead is the way forward. Not thinking about the past and shit that did or could have happened. It wasn’t meant to be, that is exactly what i want to think.

Now this is the blog that I’m going to share my thoughts and feelings.

Love Saby